Hypnotherapy Testimonials

On this page you will find comments and emails that I have received from some of my clients. Working with each individual using a combination of solution-focused talking therapy and hypnosis has made a real difference to their lives.

More testimonials can be found on the pages showing issues that hypnotherapy can help.

Each client has given their consent for their testimonial to be published here.


“Hi Carolyn, I just thought I would let you know how grateful I am for your help to recover from my breakdown. I am happy, confident, optimistic and back to my old self. I could never have imagined that would happen, but with your support I have got there. I have bought a house and will get the keys tomorrow. I am so excited for my new life and future.”  Debbie

“Having hypnotherapy with Carolyn has changed my inner self. I didn’t realise what anxiety I was holding on to for all those years. Hypnotherapy has helped me to be the person I want to be inside and out. Carolyn has a warm and calming way which really relaxed me and made me feel safe in her hands.”  Joan

“Carolyn has endless patience and I find her very empathetic. She has regularly given me insightful and helpful responses to off the cuff difficulties I have relayed to her. She is very likeable, she’s always very kind and I do like her soothing and calming voice. The icing on the cake is her gentle humour, it really put me at ease from the outset. I would wholeheartedly recommend Carolyn. She has helped me retrain the way I think and how I cope and it’s definitely working for me. I’m enjoying life again and not battling to get by.”  Tessa

“Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work you did with Imogen. Hypnotherapy has been more successful than we ever could have hoped for!  For the first time ever, she is able to stay away from home completely anxiety free. It’s so great to see and I can’t thank you enough.”  Natalie


“Hi Carolyn, just wanted to say how grateful I am for all your help during a very difficult time. I feel so much calmer, able to cope and more confident, all thanks to you. I really appreciate all you have done for me.”  Amanda

“I cannot express enough how fabulous Carolyn Spiller has been as a therapist. A true professional. Patient and very understanding. I was always a little sceptical about hypnotherapy and after booking 6 sessions with Carolyn the benefits have been life changing and I would highly recommend her services. Simply priceless!”  Tanya


“Hypnotherapy has helped and got me through depression, anxiety and diagnosis of Parkinson’s. It has helped me to go walking on my own.”  Kathy

“I sought help through hypnotherapy as I had been experiencing some depression and at times rage. I found hypnotherapy went straight to the source of any emotional upheaval and the relief felt over time has been immense. Carolyn Spiller’s patience and gentle voice give even greater support to her skills as a hypnotherapist.”  Suzanne

Eating Habits

“Hypnotherapy has helped me to feel calmer and more confident about myself. I have lost weight and I feel more motivated, more driven. Hypnotherapy has changed my life as I now see things differently.”  Tom


“I was a little dubious of this type of treatment as I was unsure if I would be in control. I didn’t know whether I was having a post-profession crisis or I just had too much time on my hands to dwell about all the possible negatives in one’s life. Carolyn’s approach was both professional, thorough and complementary. Carolyn was able to guide me towards the positives in my life and how to prioritise the priorities! I still use her CD to reinforce the sessions we had and use it to chill. If you’re thinking of trying this type of therapy, then I suggest you undertake it through Carolyn.”  Revey


“I went to see Carolyn because I suffered with frequent migraine/tension headaches and thought hypnotherapy might help. Carolyn explained how the mind works in an easy to understand way and the hypnotherapy sessions helped me to relax. I once had a session just after a severe migraine had come on and after the session, a listen of Carolyn’s relaxation CD and a good night’s sleep, the migraine cleared. This was unusual and a welcome surprise since the headaches usually lasted for days. My headaches are now less frequent which is wonderful. I would definitely recommend that you see Carolyn if you’re suffering with migraine and the associated stress.”  Rachel

“Solution focused hypnotherapy has really worked for me. I initially began sessions with Carolyn as I was suffering with daily migraines. I’m pleased to say that I have noticed a significant improvement and cannot remember the last time I had a migraine.”  Brooke

Stop Smoking

“Dear Carolyn, just a quick email to let you know that one month on from our appointment I am still a non-smoker and have no intention of ever starting again. I cannot thank you enough, it’s been life changing.”  Andrew

Fear of Dolls

“Thank you Carolyn for helping me with my fear of dolls and mannequins. Thank you for relaxing me. The hypnotherapy worked out fine for me, I’m not afraid anymore.”  Scarlett

Wedding Day Nerves

“I had hypnotherapy with Carolyn in the weeks leading up to my wedding day. The hypnotherapy certainly helped to settle my mind, focus me on remaining relaxed and prevent me from becoming phased or flapped by the pressures and expectations of others. It kept me in just the right frame of mind so I could really enjoy one of the most amazing days of my life. I didn’t feel nervous at all, just a lovely feeling of butterflies from the excitement.”  Joanna