Spring Clean Your Mind with Hypnotherapy

Spring is in the air, the trees are blossoming and it’s that time of year when many of us think about clearing out the clutter and giving our homes a good spring clean. But have you ever thought about spring cleaning your mind?

The way we think and the beliefs we hold in our mind can keep us from performing at an optimal level. Worrying, stressing, fearing the worse, all those “what if” thoughts only serve to clog the mind and tend to wear us down. We can become trapped in a cycle of negative thinking which can cause feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control. Sustained worry is debilitating and affects our quality and enjoyment of life. It means we can find it difficult to relax and this can affect both emotional and physical well-being.

Spring is a good time of year to take stock and give yourself the opportunity to have a kind of mental ‘spring clean’ – clear out all those negative, anxious thoughts and self-limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. Negative self-talk can prevent us from doing the things that we really want to do. As our minds cannot differentiate between imagination and reality this means that if we keep worrying or telling ourselves that we will never be able to do something, this negative repetition impacts on us and becomes an habitual way of thinking. How many times have you said to yourself “I can’t….” rather than “I can….”

The good news is that we can change these negative thoughts patterns, creating more positive and helpful ways of thinking. We just need to know the tools with which to do so. Just as we sort out our clutter at home, we can sort out our thoughts and feelings, re-evaluate them and ask ourselves: “are they useful to us anymore?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to clear those negative thoughts and feelings away, not just for spring but for good, so that you can move forward in a positive way. The therapy is a modern, research-based combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, aimed at encouraging clients to focus on how they want things to be. It is highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels and is a forward looking approach, helping people to achieve their goals and get the very best out of themselves.