Performance Enhancement


Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your full potential

Whether you’re performing on stage, competing in sport or taking a test, hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your full potential.

The link between our mind and performance has been recognised for many years. In sport, as long ago as the 1950’s, Soviet Union Olympic teams were employing the services of hypnotists to greatly enhance their athletes’ performances. Today, many top athletes, business people and performance artists use mental rehearsal techniques to help control stress levels and improve their performance.

When it comes to sport, public speaking or any performance related activity, it is vital that stress levels are controlled and success is expected. However, negative thought patterns, habitual beliefs and fear can often take over and keep us from performing at an optimal level.

Successful people such as Tiger Woods or Richard Branson tell us that winning and staying at the top is about our state of mind, controlling our emotions, focusing on our desired outcome and believing that we can do it (whatever it may be). Throughout their careers they have continually used mind programming techniques to help them control their mind, especially their subconscious mind, the part that’s responsible for creativity, habits and behaviours, beliefs and emotions.

How can hypnotherapy help you improve your performance?

Hypnotherapy helps to remove negative thought patterns and beliefs, to re-programme the mind in expectation of success and enhance focus on what you really want to achieve. Through visualisation and relaxation techniques anxiety is reduced, helping you to stay calm and focused, to get ‘into the zone,’ where your actions are carried out by the subconscious mind, as if on auto-pilot. In hypnosis the power of the subconscious mind can be accessed, which helps to change habitual responses and learnt behaviours, allowing you to perform at new levels of excellence.


“Carolyn has a genuine desire to help. I easily felt able to discuss difficult issues and have found the hypnotherapy sessions of great benefit. I am now much more confident and focused when singing on stage.”  Jack

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