More Hypnotherapy Myths

In my last blog I talked about the fundamental differences between stage hypnosis and hypnosis in a therapeutic context. Here are some more common misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

Myth – A hypnotherapist will control your mind

Fact – A person having hypnosis is participating by choice and is in full control at all times. The client has the ability to bring themselves out of the hypnotic state at any time should they choose to, simply by opening their eyes. A hypnotherapist cannot make someone do anything that they do not want to do.

Myth – You will reveal personal secrets in hypnosis

Fact – A hypnotherapist cannot make someone say anything that they do not want to. When a client is in the hypnotic trance state they are still aware of everything that’s going on around them.

Myth – You can get permanently ‘stuck’ in hypnosis

Fact – Hypnosis is a very comfortable and relaxed state, so sometimes a client might be a little reluctant to leave this pleasant state and they might need to be gently encouraged to open their eyes and return to full alertness. If the therapist were to leave the room whilst a client was in the hypnotic state the person would naturally return to full wakefulness or would simply drift off to sleep.

Myth – You won’t remember what happened during hypnosis

Fact – A person does not lose consciousness whilst in hypnosis; it is simply a very relaxed state. You will remember most things but not all. However, this is the way the memory normally works. For example, when you listen to a speech you don’t remember everything that has been said, but you will recall the majority of it. The same applies with hypnosis.

Myth – Only gullible people can be hypnotised

Fact – Almost everyone can go into at least a light hypnotic state and whilst some individuals may go into this trance state very quickly and deeply others may take several minutes to achieve the same state of relaxation. Responsiveness to hypnotic suggestions also varies from one individual to another. Some people are more open to suggestion in hypnosis than others. It is difficult to predict who will be most ‘suggestible’ and a lot depends on client / therapist rapport and the choice of hypnosis technique employed.

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