Improving Your Wellbeing Through Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy and the use of hypnosis can help with many aspects of your health and wellbeing. In fact, many people who see a hypnotherapist for something quite specific are pleased to notice how other areas of their life also improve. In this blog I have included some common issues that can be helped through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I have also shared two testimonials that demonstrate the positive ripple effect of hypnotherapy.

Sleeping Well

Getting a good night’s sleep each night is the best thing we can do for our wellbeing. Virtually every system in the brain and body is affected by the amount and quality of sleep we get. Poor sleep is linked to increased stress and anxiety, depression, food cravings and obesity. The benefits of good sleep, on the other hand, include better mood regulation, increased motivation levels and better coping mechanisms. Hypnotherapy can help with sleep issues by addressing any underlying anxiety and stress, often caused by work, relationship, health or financial worries. Through hypnosis we can re-train the mind into relaxing and develop new and positive expectations of a good night’s slumber.

Reducing Alcohol

Since the pandemic began I have seen an increase in clients seeking help relating to alcohol consumption. Whilst some people want to stop drinking completely others simply want to gain more control over the amount and frequency that they drink. Hypnotherapy can help you to take back control of your drinking and create new and positive changes to your habits. The solution-focused approach helps you to confidently build more useful strategies for coping with negative emotions, without using alcohol.

Tim’s Story

Before the pandemic Tim was drinking heavily on the weekends. When lockdown came he found his nights of drinking stretching into the week nights until he hardly had any alcohol-free days. Tim’s goal at the outset of therapy was to moderate his drinking levels, to have alcohol-free days in the week and drink less on the weekends. As Tim succeeded in this goal he noticed that he was sleeping better, he had more energy and motivation to exercise and more desire to do the things that benefited his wellbeing. He also noticed that he was thinking more positively, he was enjoying his alcohol-free days and his relationship with his partner had much improved. In fact, Tim was enjoying his healthier lifestyle so much that after a number of months he decided to stop drinking alcohol all together except for the occasional celebratory event. The knock-on effects for Tim were even sounder sleep, much greater vitality and a calmer, happier state of mind.

Healthy Eating Habits

Clients seeking help with their eating habits want to gain more control over the amount and type of food that they eat. Hypnotherapy can help you to take back control and find the motivation to make healthier food choices. The hypnosis sessions work with your subconscious mind to change your internal programming and give you support instead of sabotage.

Ed’s Story

Ed’s best hopes from therapy were to stop binge eating and make better food choices. He was unhappy about his weight and this was affecting his general self-esteem and leading to self-sabotaging behaviour. However, Ed had also been struggling with sleep deprivation for some time which was causing him much anxiety and stress, particularly because of the impact it was having on his relationship. Given the strong links between poor sleep, stress and food cravings, by reducing stress and improving sleep patterns Ed was pleased to notice that his levels of motivation and control increased. As he continued to make more and more positive choices surrounding food so his mood and self-esteem improved which in turn created more motivation. The ripple effect continued. Ed lost weight, he felt generally happier, and his relationship with his partner got back on track.

For reasons of confidentiality, the names of these clients have been changed.

Results may vary from person to person as do the number of hypnotherapy sessions required and length of treatment

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