Hypnotherapy Myths

There are many misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is sometimes feared or under estimated and the thought of hypnosis can make some people feel pretty wary, imagining that they will lose control, ‘go under’ or be under the control of the therapist. In this blog and the following I will reveal some of the most common hypnotherapy myths and questions that I am asked.

Myth – Hypnotherapy can make people do silly things

Fact – The truth is a hypnotherapist simply cannot make you do anything against your will. Yes, we have all seen stage shows such as ITV’s ‘You’re Back in the Room’, where hypnotists hypnotise people and make them do anything they ask. However, stage hypnotists will invite volunteers to get up on stage who are ‘willing participants’, who know that they will be entertaining the audience by doing amusing things. No one can be hypnotised to do anything against their core values. If a person runs around clucking like a chicken, for instance, then that’s because they want to! There is a fundamental difference between hypnotherapy and stage hypnotism. Hypnotherapy is not about being made to do things. In fact, it is the opposite; it is about empowerment.

Myth – During hypnosis a person becomes unconscious

Fact – Hypnosis in a therapeutic context is usually induced by the use of the therapist’s voice, using words to help a client focus their mind on something specific. There is no form of unconsciousness and the client is always fully aware and in control of everything that happens. Hypnosis is simply a comfortable and pleasant state of relaxation, similar to day dreaming. This trance state is really quite ordinary. We drift in and out of trance many times during the day – watching television, gazing out the window, reading a book and sometimes when we are driving our cars. You might be familiar with that moment when you suddenly realise your mind has drifted off elsewhere; this drifting off is trance.

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