Hypnotherapy for Exam Stress

ExamStressHypnotherapyThis month I am focusing on the issue of stress caused by written and practical assessments as many students start to prepare for those all important summer exams. Exam time can be stressful and for some the pressure can become overwhelming.

Butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, a racing heart and worrying that we won’t be able to remember anything we’ve learnt are all common feelings before an exam. Feeling nervous is a natural emotion and a little bit of anxiety can actually act as a motivator, helping you to focus your attention and keep the mind alert. However, if these feelings become intense they can have an adverse impact on performance and final results. If anxiety levels are too high this interferes with clear, coherent, creative thinking and can produce a negative mind set, which in turn can lead to panic.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to reduce anxiety and create new positive study habits.

Through hypnosis, the power of suggestion and relaxation techniques help you to clear your racing mind and approach the exam with a cool, calm and relaxed state of mind. Controlling the anxiety results in a more focused mind and increased concentration levels, allowing knowledge to be accessed with more ease.

Hypnotherapy also helps to instil confidence and overcome fear of failure. Thinking about the possible negative outcomes of exams is often what causes the anxiety, resulting in stress related symptoms, such as loss of appetite, irritability, headaches and difficulty sleeping, all of which are counterproductive to study and performance. The use of hypnosis helps to change these negative perceptions, so that you think and feel more positive about your assessments and your abilities. This has benefits prior to, during and after the exams.