Overcoming Driving Anxiety

The following is a testimonial from a client who had been struggling with driving anxiety for a number of years. This client has given consent for her testimonial to be published here.

“I had been struggling with a frustrating fear of driving on larger roads, especially motorways. I’d managed to avoid them but the fear had got worse over the last two or three years. I had never been nervous of driving previously and had always driven on every type of road, including motorways and roads abroad. And I’d also driven vehicles of all types, from cars to larger vans. 

The frustration was almost worse than the fear itself. Every time I tried I would have what I can only describe as an anxiety attack, with sweaty palms, shaking, unable to breath and getting very hot. I would have to turn off and either find another route or get someone to take over. It was starting to impact on work travel as well and I had just started a new job.

At the same time I started having other anxiety related symptoms for the first time in my life and soon realised it was linked to peri-menopause. Whilst I eventually received the right treatment for that, I thought about how I could practically support my mental health and also tackle some of the challenges I was experiencing, to find freedom again. So I researched and found that hypnotherapy seemed to be effective for driving problems. I also researched therapists via the NHS links and found Carolyn. I liked the look of her website and as soon as I spoke to her I knew I was going to be really comfortable with her.

I had about seven sessions and what I really loved was the way Carolyn explained the workings of the brain and what was going on when I was afraid of something that I knew logically was not really dangerous. I liked this approach because I’m a very logical person. Each session built upon the last and in between I kept practising, remembering the techniques I had learned about breathing and relaxing. I also listened to the hypnosis recording Carolyn sent me every day for the first few weeks.

I would say my expectations about the impact of the sessions were realistic, but I started to see the benefit after just a couple of sessions. I loved the way Carolyn encouraged me gently to imagine myself being successful and how that would feel. The approach really worked for me and the hypnosis was so relaxing.

I’m now driving on the motorway after only four months. Only short distances so far but I now feel excited about going further and gently pushing myself. I no longer get that awful feeling of dread when I drive on a busy road, or get stuck in a queue on a busy roundabout, and I can now get everywhere I need to get on the best available road. 

I’m really grateful to Carolyn for her approach and manner and we had a lot of fun in the sessions too. I can thoroughly recommend her. It worked for me and I’m so happy I tried it. When I think back to four months ago I can hardly believe how different I feel.”

To find out more about hypnotherapy and how it can help with driving anxiety please call 07514 931 096 or email me.  carolynspillerhypnotherapy@gmail.com

Results may vary from person to person as do the number of hypnotherapy sessions required and length of treatment.