Finding Your Path to Positive Change

During the autumn masses of migrating birds begin their journey south, flying off to the warmer climes of Africa. Have you ever wondered how these birds find their way across thousands of miles, returning to the same destination year after year? Sometimes, due to strong winds or bad weather, the birds are blown off course and become displaced and disorientated, stuck for a while in unfamiliar territory. Incredibly, these tiny creatures can manage to get back on course and navigate their way home.

Sometimes we can find ourselves blown off course on our journey through life, feeling ‘stuck’ in a job, a relationship or a way of life that’s no longer right for us. This can cause much unhappiness and stress. Indecision, anxiety and a sense of having no control over our circumstances all increase as our direction in life becomes clouded and unclear. Metaphorically speaking, it’s as if we have lost our map and compass, our aids to navigation, and we cannot see which path to take to create a better life.

Often it is fear, that negative inner voice that holds us back from finding our path to positive change. Fear of what may or may not happen, fearing the worst, fearing the unknown. Negative self-beliefs and ways of thinking can result in clinging to things that are not good for us, simply because they are familiar or feel ‘safe’.

How can hypnotherapy help?

When migrating birds are blown off course they must use all of their inner strengths and reserves to get back on course. By refocusing your thoughts in a solution focused way, hypnotherapy can help you to uncover your inner strengths, the resources and solutions you possess to get you feeling confident and ready to take the steps you need to move forward in your life. Hypnotherapy recognises that you already have everything you need, it’s just a matter of redirecting thoughts in a more positive direction.

Through hypnosis we can form fresh perspectives about our self and our life, and negative ways of thinking can be changed into more positive thoughts and actions. When we operate within these positive parameters we stimulate chemical responses in the brain that result in a beneficial reward system. We feel more motivated and calm, have greater clarity of thought, and feel better able to cope because we feel more in control. It is these empowering rewards that help you to find your path to positive change.

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