Fears and Phobias

A phobia is defined as a persistent fear of an object, creature or situation in which the sufferer goes to great lengths to avoid. The fear is typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognised as an irrational fear.

Specific Fears / Phobias

There are, in the main, two types of phobias. A ‘specific’ phobia or fear is where a person reacts negatively when they come into contact with the thing or situation that causes fear. Common examples are spiders, dentists, needles, public speaking and flying.

Non-specific Fears / Phobias

Non-specific phobias are more complex and can cause fear and anxiety continually. Emetophobia (fear of vomit) is one such example. In severe cases this can result in the sufferer not wanting to leave home in case they are confronted with the object or situation which causes fear.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help by reducing anxiety and disempowering the fear response, giving you back control.

Hypnotherapy helps us to learn new patterns of behaviour, such as being more relaxed and calm, which can help overcome ‘specific’ phobias very quickly.

A specific phobia can be overcome in 3 – 4 sessions, while a non-specific phobia affecting more aspects of your life can take longer to effectively treat.


“Carolyn, just want to thank you for your help with my phobia. Flight went really well, I was so relaxed. Crazy thing was I was trying to calm my fella down as he was scared and I was sharing your tips. I’m looking forward to the future with plans for further holidays. Thank you.” (Amanda, Cardiff)

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