Confidence and Self-Esteem

Confidence is having a belief in yourself, your abilities and personal strengths. The way you feel about your abilities can vary from one situation to another. Self-esteem refers to how you feel about yourself overall, how much positive regard or self love you have.

Lacking confidence and self-esteem can affect your relationships, your work and your social life or it can prevent you from developing to your fullest potential. Perhaps you avoid situations such as job interviews and exams or meeting a potential partner. If you lack confidence you may feel the need to apologise inappropriately or seek reassurance from others. You may only focus on perceived criticism and ignore praise. You may be a perfectionist. These behaviours can be debilitating and affect your enjoyment of life.

How can hypnotherapy help you to become more confident?

Hypnotherapy helps you to identify your strengths and remove a lot of the unhelpful beliefs and self-doubts so that you can focus on what you want. You can start to develop new and exciting beliefs. Your self-confidence will improve because it was always there anyway. You were born with confidence and generally it’s just life experiences and ‘knocks’ that lower our levels of confidence and self-belief. Hypnotherapy can help us to re-learn how to be confident and positive.

In solution focused hypnotherapy you will be encouraged to consider some important questions such as: When you become more confident how do you expect to feel? What will you do with your new found self-confidence? You will actually start to imagine and prepare for a more confident future where day by day your goals become much easier to achieve.

When we lack confidence in our abilities we often negatively forecast the future or are introspective about the past. With solution focused hypnotherapy anxiety can be reduced and unwanted behaviour patterns eliminated. By helping you to take small steps to stretch your comfort zone we gradually build on your success so that you are better able to engage in social or work situations and enjoy life to the full.