The Effects of Stress on Your Hormones

In this blog I have looked at some of the different ways that stress can impact on our health, more specifically the effect on our hormones, and how hypnotherapy can help. Stress is a normal response to an actual or a perceived threat. Whenever we feel stressed our brain’s hypothalamus sends a signal to our […]

The Gut-Brain Connection and Treatment for IBS

The connection between our gut and our brain has become more and more apparent in recent years and there is now more evidence than ever of the strong links between gut health and mental wellbeing. The latest scientific studies have found that hidden in the walls of the digestive system we have a second brain. […]

Overcoming Driving Anxiety

The following is a testimonial from a client who had been struggling with driving anxiety for a number of years. This client has given consent for her testimonial to be published here. “I had been struggling with a frustrating fear of driving on larger roads, especially motorways. I’d managed to avoid them but the fear had […]

Improving Your Wellbeing Through Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy and the use of hypnosis can help with many aspects of your health and wellbeing. In fact, many people who see a hypnotherapist for something quite specific are pleased to notice how other areas of their life also improve. In this blog I have included some common issues that can be helped through Solution […]