sleep well

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

My last blog focused on the brain and sleep (Why Our Brains Need Sleep) and so in this blog I have included two hypnotherapy case studies that centre around insomnia. For reasons of confidentiality, the name of each client has been changed. Debbie Debbie had been experiencing difficulty sleeping for many years and had been […]

Overcoming a Fear of Heights

It’s natural to have some fear of heights. Feeling a little jittery when you’re at a great height and you look down below is a perfectly normal and useful survival mechanism. However, for some people this circumstance can cause extreme panic and affect their quality of life. This was the case for Susan. Susan sought help […]

Hypnotherapy Case Study – Anxiety

The following case study demonstrates how hypnotherapy can make a real difference to a person’s life. Joan is a singer. She sought help through hypnotherapy to improve her self-esteem and reduce anxiety, in particular pre-performance nerves. She was particularly concerned about remembering the words to her songs and speaking with confidence to her audience. On the day of […]