A Time for Reflection

January always feels like a good time to take stock and reflect on all the positives in the past year. Here are a few highlights from my hypnotherapy world in 2016. 

I have continued to work with the Hospital Hypnotherapy Service at Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales. This service was founded to provide a free hypnotherapy service to people receiving treatment for cancer. During the past year our team of Clinical Hypnotherapists have received more and more referrals as the benefits of hypnotherapy are increasingly recognised. We are able to help patients with anxiety that may arise from their illness, anticipatory nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, and needle phobias. In November we were thrilled to win a Beacon of Hope Award from the Lymphoma Association in recognition of our work within UHW’s Haematology Department.

In my private practice I have seen clients with a wide range of issues and in December I was pleased to be featured in the winter edition of Penarth View when one of my clients shared her experience of hypnotherapy to help control sugar addiction.

www.penarthview.co.uk/…/penarth-view-winter-edition (Pages 32 & 33)

It’s been a privilege to help clients gain the confidence to make whatever changes to their life they wish to make. It’s especially rewarding to help clients overcome long-standing issues, whether that be a long-held fear or phobia, an ingrained negative habit or a lack of motivation, for instance. Thanks to neuroplasticity – our brain’s ability to change the way our brain cells are wired together – we can change habitual patterns of thought and behaviour throughout our entire adult life, no matter how long we have held these patterns.

I am fascinated by the workings of the brain and keep up to date with the latest research through reading and continual professional development courses. During the past year I have attended courses on Eating Disorders, Emetophobia (fear of vomit) and Mindfulness. In August I was fortunate to be able to further my own mindfulness practice at the Centre for World Peace and Health, a retreat centre in the beautiful isles of Scotland.

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I look forward to helping more clients in 2017.