Hospital Hypnotherapy Service

UHW Hospital Hypnotherapy ServiceIn addition to my private practice, I also work with the Hospital Hypnotherapy Service at Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales. The Hospital Hypnotherapy Service has been set up to provide a free hypnotherapy service to people having chemotherapy.

The team of six Clinical Hypnotherapists all hold diplomas from the prestigious Clifton Practice School of Hypnotherapy and are registered with CNHC and the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. All members of the hypnotherapy team have also undergone further training in Hospital Hypnotherapy theory and practice.

The Hospital Hypnotherapy Service was founded by Dorothea Read to help patients affected with anticipatory nausea and vomiting (ANV) associated with chemotherapy. Most people who have chemotherapy do not suffer from ANV (being or feeling sick before the chemo starts), so if you are about to start chemo do not be worried about this. The hypnotherapy team also work with people with needle phobia and have a range of techniques to help their clients feel calm and in control around needles.

The hospital hypnotherapists are able to help people with other anxiety related issues, such as anxiety that may arise from their illness. If you are a patient receiving chemotherapy at UHW and you are interested in accessing this service please speak to your Specialist Nurse or Oncologist who can refer you to us.